We are a de facto group trying to take advantage of the synergic knowledge of two organic chemistry professors and a physical chemistry professor working on different aspects of material sciences and organic chemistry.


The FunNanotech group is actually formed by three teaching staff members and PhD, Master and Bachelor students.


Group members profiles may found below, in alphabetical order, whereas Former group members and visitors and Degree and Master theses (defended since 2010) are listed in dedicated pages



Student of the doctorate in "Materials Science" since January 2020, she is working on the preparation and characterization of new porous materials for selective separation of industrial pollutants in gas and liquid effluents (supervisors M. Lazzari and Julia González Álvarez)


Lidia Dominguez Ramos

PhD student


Massimo Lazzari

Associate professor

PhD in Chemistry at the Universitá degli Studi di Torino (Italy) in 1996, European Union post-doc fellowships at Osaka University (Japan, 1996-97) and USC (2003-04). Assistant professor of Macromolecular Chemistry at the Universitá degli Studi di Torino in 1999. Tenure track position (Ramon y Cajal contract, 2005-2010) at the USC, and finally associate Professor of Physical Chemistry since 2010, obtaining the Spanish habilitation to full Professor in 2015.


ResearcherID (E-8799-2013)     ORCiD     Google Scholar profile    Academia.edu


Daniela Reggio

PhD student

Master in Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials from the University College London (2014), and in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage Conservation from the Universitá di Roma La Sapienza (2011). She is a student of the doctorate in "Materials Science" since 2016, working on SERS-active substrates within the NANORESTART project (supervisor M. Lazzari)

Student of the doctorate in "Ciencia y Tecnología Química", actually working on the development of new fotoluminiscent and electroactive materials (supervisors: Rumbo and Torneiro)


Maria Jesús Roca

PhD student

PhD in chemistry at the USC in 1996, and post-doc at USC (1996-97) and Max-Planck Institute fur Kohlenforschung (1998-2000) with fellowships from the government of the autonomous community of Galicia, Xunta de Galicia (Spain). Researcher at USC as TMR-Marie Curie (EU, 2000-01) and Ramón y Cajal fellow (2001-06). Assistant professor of organic chemistry at USC since 2007.

Past research activities in the fields of organic synthesis, synthetic methodology and medicinal chemistry (vitamin D area). Recently he is devoted to the development of small molecules and macromolecules with electro-optical properties.


Antonio Rumbo

Assistant professor

Graduated in chemistry at the USC in 1989 (National Prize), PhD in chemistry at the same university in January 1994 (FPI fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, MEC) and post-doc at Columbia University (New York, 1994-95) with a MEC fellowship. Researcher (MEC return program) and part-time assistant professor of organic chemistry (1996-97) and since then associate professor of organic chemistry at the USC. Past research areas are molecular recognition - combinatorial chemistry and organic synthesis - medicinal chemistry (mainly vitamin D field).

Current research interests focus on the development of organic materials with privileged architectures and properties.


Mercedes Torneiro

Associate professor